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On 23 October 1872 Raffaele Dello Ioio, in a report to the Municipal Council, proudly stated:

"Gragnano is the country of a hundred factories making long-style pasta, the country of industry and commerce ..., the country that sends its products to all parts of the globe". Gragnano has always been recognized as the European capital of dry pasta production and of the particular artisanal methods that give the products of this segment uniqueness and recognition on the market. Here, in the heart of pasta production, comes the innovative and research project of the "Pastificio G.M.Irollo S.r.l."

Pastificio Irollo (literally: Irollo's Pasta Factory) was founded by a pool of professionals whose know-how is highly diversified, from medical research to economic and financial specializations.It has tried to focus its core business on the research and production of gluten-free pasta intended for both celiacs and people with intolerances or allergies to gluten, but also addressing the particular needs, increasingly evident, of people who intend to introduce new types of cereals into their diet, thus diversifying the intake of the single and simple classic pasta.

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As a result of a meticulous analysis of scientifically established food intolerances, the one to gluten has reached very high percentages of the population in recent years. Starting from this data, the management of Pastificio Irollo has considered, from a health point of view, that permanent dietary intolerance to gluten represents a difficulty for the individuals involved, as it implies substantial changes to their eating habits that include the exclusion of bread, pasta and pizza with consequences also detectable under the psychological-relational profile deriving from the loss of the pleasure of eating.

As, they noted, it is possible to carry a gluten-free life without suffering any disadvantages, the idea of creating a production of pasta "dedicated" to the various particular needs of each individual was born. Even considering the propensity to assume healthier lifestyles, paying greater attention to food habits, better if enriched with components that can represent a natural alternative to taking vitamin supplements.


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